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Jahar Dasgupta was born in Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) in the year 1942. His father Mr. Narendranath Dasgupta was a famous scientist. Narendranath admitted him to Kalabhavan, Shantiniketan and Jahar took his primary lessons under legendary mentors like Nandalal Bose, Ramkinkar Baij and Binod Bihari Mukherjee. He passed from Visva Bharati in the year 1964.

He is one of the main founder of Painters Orchestra. The seven young Indian artists establish this art organisation in 1969 and still it is going strong. Apart from him the other famous artist Partha Pratim Deb was one of the members.

He exhibited his paintings in very famous Jehangir Art Gallery, Lalit Kala Academy, Academy or Fine Arts in the earlier stage of his career. His works were not successfull at the begining in terms of money business, but his works were always been noticed by the critics. His works always been very bold. In his first stage of his career he was mainly worked with Oil Painting. Protest against the evil power and fight against all odds reflects in his canvases. He was so successfull in this concept.

Jahar Dasgupta knows how to blend his creations. He always in search of new inventions. Later he started to change his style and tried to come out from his monotonous format. Sometime he was successful sometime not. He was critisized. But he goes on working and experimenting the style in Pen & Ink, Water Colour, Achrylic, Charcol Drawing etc. Success comes his way day by day.

Apart from his profession he has ventured in few different things like  politics where he stood in election. He is also a social worker. He was in business for few time. But he was not successful comparative to his own line.

He paricipated a huge number of group shows and solo shows through out the country and abroad. His paintings displayed in Jehangir Art Gallery, Indian Habitat Centre, Lalit Kala Academy, Academy of Fine Arts, Chitrakut Gallery, Gallery Chemould, Lokayata Art Gallery, Mulk Raj Anand Centre, Prince of Walles Museum etc. He ventured in Nehru Centre for Mumbai and London too. His works exhibited in Paris(France), Stockhome(Sweden), Oslo(Norway), Soki(Korea) and still to come. Presently his one painting went to the famous NGO - KHUSII for an exhibition and auction.

He has a nice family with his wife Indrani, son Indranil and daughter in law Sylvia. Sylvia is too a practising painter.

Jahar Dasgupta is known for his ability to successfully marry traditional imagery with the zeitgeist of contemporary painting, in a skillful blend of a tribal culture and their influence in society. Some paintings highlights that women are the integral part of his paintings and nature is closest to him. He is rebel in his own world, challenging the barriers imposed by traditional ideas as well as contemporary theories.